Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016

Creative Workshop In BALI 2016 by LSPR , BRITISH COUNCIL & WEB TV ASIA

Hello! Hows Life guys? long time no see ya..

2 weeks ago, I went to BALI. YES! BALI. what I was doing? you guys, absolutely guess me doing a long holiday. Yes, I did, but I called it a SMART SHORT HOLIDAY.

on 02 - 07 August 2-16, STIKOM London School Of Public Relations - Jakarta from international office would held Creative Workshop in Bali 2016 work together with  British Council Jakarta and Web TV Asia.

STIKOM London School Of Public Relations - Jakarta as usual we called it LSPR Jakarta is the best communication school. In LSPR Jakarta has 6 major for S1 (Bachelor Degree) and I guarantee each major is good. Here they are Mass Communications (MC), Performing Arts Communications (PAC), International Relations (IR), Public Relations (PR), Marketing Communications (MKT) dan Digital Media Communication & Advertising (DMCA). From 6 the best  featured major above, I decided to choose Mass Communication as my major (By the way, I am Student of LSPR hehe). Why? yes, cz I felt my passion in Mass Communications hueehehehe.. In Mass Communication or MASSCOMM (as we known) we learn more, from TV, Radio, Print Media, Journalist, dll ..... May be some people guess MassComm same like Broadcasting's major in other university. On my opinion, its DIFFERENT! YES, of course! In LSPR Students MassComm are not just learn only in TV or Radio. we learn start from design magazine, video, legal, culture, international news, etc. the basic point is MassComm here, treat students to How you can HANDLE your Mass Media. 


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