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Hello! Hows Life guys? long time no see ya..

2 weeks ago, I went to BALI. YES! BALI. what I was doing? you guys, absolutely guess me doing a long holiday. Yes, I did, but I called it a SMART SHORT HOLIDAY.

 In front of LSPR Bali

on 02 - 07 August 2-16, STIKOM London School Of Public Relations - Jakarta from international office would held Creative Workshop in Bali 2016 work together with British Council Jakarta and Web TV Asia.

STIKOM London School Of Public Relations - Jakarta as usual we called it LSPR Jakarta is the best communication school. In LSPR Jakarta has 6 major for S1 (Bachelor Degree) and I guarantee each major is good. Here they are Mass Communications (MC), Performing Arts Communications (PAC), International Relations (IR), Public Relations (PR), Marketing Communications (MKT) dan Digital Media Communication & Advertising (DMCA). From 6 the best  featured major above, I decided to choose Mass Communication as my major (By the way, I am Student of LSPR hehe). Why? yes, cz I felt my passion in Mass Communications hueehehehe.. In Mass Communication or MASSCOMM (as we known) we learn more, from TV, Radio, Print Media, Journalist, dll ..... May be some people guess MassComm same like Broadcasting's major in other university. On my opinion, its DIFFERENT! YES, of course! In LSPR Students MassComm are not just learn only in TV or Radio. we learn start from design magazine, video, legal, culture, international news, etc. the basic point is MassComm here, treat students to How you can HANDLE your Mass Media. 

WebTVAsia is a new  digital media company founded in late 2013 by Prodgigee Media as a YouTube Certified Multi-Channel Network (MCN) to produce, manage, market and monetize the most wanted Asian Video. As a leader in Asian digital entertainment, WebTVAsia’s over 600 channels are serving loyal audiences in key territories China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwa, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In the Span of one year, WebTVAsia has chalked up impressive track records: over 2 billion views and 12 million subscribers.  

British Council They work in English aims to bring high-quality language materials to every learner and teacher who wants them. In developing and post-conflict countries, we teach English and train teachers through radio, web and TV broadcasts. They offer more than three million UK examinations worldwide, helping people gain access to trusted qualifications to support their career and study prospects.

Now I will tell you about the topic that were discussed when during the workshop is about making viral video by Avo and Dito from WebTVAsia. When we were listening their presentation, they gave us a technical, tips and tricks. Such as, when we make a video the first one is make a video what you like, what you want to creat, what your passion or anything about you like, then make a concept by mind mapping is a must (“really important things and have to practice and practice all the time” Avo said). Then, seeking for a reference, tutorial, listography (list what you want to create) and keep it short and sniper. After you made a video, the trick that you will post a video is “write a viral title”. Based on Avo perception said that “someone who are creative have to try and learn the basic of technical. But if you are creative and technical, you are UNSTOPABLE”. The meaning of what he said is “unstopable” you can create more a good video with creativity that you have and the video will blow up become a viral video. 
Timing and tagging is a package of trick when you did wrote an title and also is affected for your video. As we seen in instagram, many people using a hashtag for making people easier who looking for a key then will get information by the tag. And also timing, post the video while during the prime time of people who opened or watched the video in youtube. Be bold and make your video expected become unexpected, that its make someone will giving like your video then subscribe your channel youtube.

During WebTVAsia's workshop

Our video project in WebTVAsia

The second learning about Creste a festival, sustain a festival by Mr. Adam Pushkin In this seminar, he told us to pay attention about the duration and location. The meaning of duration is how much times per years. Dont make the event as often as possible because it make society feel bored about our event. It should  be 2 or 1 per years to organized an event. The meaning of the location is you should looking for the place that easier to reach. 

After learned a material from Mr. Adam Pushkin

Making the festival should be unexpected to make society surprised and want to enter the festival happening with feeling happy. Part of other festival usually society have to pay before entry festival. It a must because built a festival need a much cost despite the sponsorship. How to make people feeling happy about our festival? The best way is we have to make a good pogram as our concept. We have to provide good facilities. Why? Because we have to make a balance audiences need and the cost.

From the workshop I got many experiences. Despite all of above I will tell you about my opinion in positive and negative behind the workshop. 

I said worth it, the facilities I got is appropriated like what they said on briefing (PowerPoint slide) from, Hotel we’ve got 3 stars felt like 4 stars best hospitalities. We sleepover about 5 nights in Horison Sunset Road Hotel. I thought that program organizer is smart for seeking the best 3 stars hotel. 
About the flight we used to Citilink as our airplane heading to Bali. Why dont we use the Batik Air? Its a full service carrier of Lion Group and cost is the same like Citilink. As we know Citilink is a low cost carrier subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. 

The knowledge that we’ve got from seminar is very helpful for us to our carreer. From WebTVAsia, Avo and Dito is kindly help us when we felt difficult about editing process. They give us many samples video as our reference and tips and trick. We can adapt with them because their presentation is using English mix with Bahasa Indonesia like our lecturer does. From British Council, Mr. Adam Pushkin, he gave us knowledge about how to make a festival from good concept to attract society to come in our festival. The seminar was good but for my opinion is a little bit bored because they bring a presentation a little flat and his speak fluently (faster) so I cant heard clearly. In otherside, we can improve our listening in English, we practice by conversation during discussion with him. From All the seminar that we had, the last presentation is promoting our project is using by English.

On the next day we were trekking the land to see a beautiful waterfall. Yes, I see a gorgeous waterfall. I called it Sekumpul Waterfall. 
I realized that I have passed through a canyon and climbed 350 upstairs to seeing the beautiful and gorgeous waterfall. When I was go through downstairs, I really scared because my feet is so wet and very slick. I go down carefully and really taking balance of my body. I had desparated before I go downstairs, I have got a signal from my brain that my foot is vibrating but I was fighting to see the biggest waterfall we called it Sekumpul waterfall. I made it! In otherside, I was blessing that not a long ago my body got exercised by treadmill. I thought postive side when I was moving forward to pass through the 350 upstairs. I said “You can do it, you can do it. It is like you doing a squad to make your bottom become a sexiest ever.” Finally, Yes, I did it.   

I did it Sekumpul Waterfall!!!

When during free time on saturday night, I went to La Plancha with my old friends. We're explored Bali by ride her motorcycle. Before go to La Plancha, I told my friends to seek the menu for our dinner. Yes, I choose Nasi Pedas Bu Andika as our Dinner Menu. I tell you guys, I don't know why in Bali I have highly consumption several food so I came fat until now my weight is still on that level 😂. Back to the case, I see many dishes than I choose several dishes than when I would pay, I was shock I have to pay IDR 45.000 my friends was shock too.

My portion in Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika
Hmm the taste like Nasi Uduk usually which has lowest cost. Not really delicious. Its famous because of their sambal which has spicy with level higher. After that I went to La Plancha and enjoying the wind of the beach 

In Sunday morning I packed my clothes than I have to check out first so then I explored Bali again with my friend. I buy some gifts for my beloved family and friends. And finally, time is up, back to Jakarta. I hope to see you soon Bali. Thanks LSPR, WebTvAsia and British Council who gimme an opportunity to koin this workshop especially big thanks to International oofice who organized this workshop 

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